“A light and airy pavilion”

ir. Mels Crouwel
Architect en founding partner Benthem Crouwel Architects

Just think of a sheet of paper that falls whirling on a lawn. That is the image I created with my design for the ProWinko office at Bella Donna. Whence the sharply folded facades in white concrete, the horizontal lines and the tilted shape. Just like folded slab lying on the grass.

The result is a light and airy pavilion that fits harmoniously in with the green environment – expressive but also functional and inviting…. down to the slightest detail.  For instance the ramp of the underground parking garage is protected by a body of water. Visitors thus enter the building not along the usual gate or wall, but via a pond.

All the buildings that we have delivered in recent years, score well on the sustainability front. Bella Donna has in fact received the highest environmental statement.  I opted for innovative environmental solutions such as underground storage and a sliding roof above the interior garden – good for the environment without being visually disturbing.