“Balance between working, light, space and art”

Jan des Bouvrie
Interior designer

When I saw the project plans for Bella Donna, I knew at once that the courtyard had to be given a central function. I moulded the office around it, by way of speaking. It required architectonic adaptations, because a complete wall had to disappear. But luckily that was still possible.

Now, there is a glass wall around the entire courtyard. The incidence of light gives the entire office an illusion of space, from the waiting room by the entrance to the work areas and meeting rooms. A nice setting, for employees and visitors alike. I often say:  going to the office must be as nice as going home.  We’ve managed to just do that!

Max Vorst, CEO of ProWinko, is an art lover and has accumulated an impressive collection of contemporary art.  The works are integrated in the interior design. The presence of art objects in pretty much every room confers a special atmosphere to the interior.