Bella Donna 2-4

Prize winning work by ProWinko in cooperation with Benthem and Crouwel. The special design of Bella Donna was awarded both the public and the expert jury prize of the Amstelveen Architecture Awards.

The building has earned the GreenCalc + A-label, the highest score in the environmental index for buildings. ProWinko has shown its great strength with this project, i.e. creating real estate that is environment-friendly, functional and very attractive to boot.

The ProWinko office is located at Bella Donna, the interior of which is designed too by Jan des Bouvrie.

Interview Jan des Bouvrie
Interview ir. Mels Crouwel 




Bella Donna 2: ProWinko, Bella Donna 4: JTI


March 17, 2014


Ir. Mels Crouwel van Benthem Crouwel Architects, Jan des Bouvrie