Moojs foundation

Details of the public welfare institution

Moojs Foundation
P.O. Box 76751
RSIN/Tax identification number: 34213170


The purpose of the foundation is to fund charitable and social organisations that are geared to the general social interest and are active inside or outside the Netherlands.

Main Lines of the Policy Plan

The question as to whether financial support contributes to a structural improvement or structural solutions takes centre stage when assessing whether a project qualifies for support. As of 2014, greater attention is paid to the effects of the financial contributions on the long term than in the past. Support for projects in Israel is provided in cooperation with the Collective Israel Action Foundation. These projects are educational in nature and are geared to enabling underprivileged young people from all segments of Israeli society to get a better position in society particularly through (computer) education. Furthermore, support is provided for research projects in the medical field that seek solutions for diseases such as Parkinson’s and cancer. In addition, projects geared to the well-being of children are given particular attention.

Names and positions of members of the board

M.A.B. Vorst, chairman
D.J. Dresden, treasurer
S.M. Leons, secretary


The members of the board are not remunerated.

Report on current activities

The most important organisations that received donations in recent years:

• Stichting steun Emma Kinderziekenhuis
• Stichting Johan Cruyff Welfare foundation
• Joods Historisch Museum
• Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
• Beth Chaim
• De stichting Collectieve Israël Actie (several projects)

There are plans to continue to provide such support in the coming years.